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Compare Popular Utah Property Managers & Hire Smarter

Utah County & Salt Lake Property Managers For:

Single family home in Utah

Single Family Homes

UT condo

Condo Units

utah multi family property management

Duplex, Fourplex, etc

How We Help You Find The Perfect Property Manager In Utah County

view propery managers in utah
Review listings of the top local property managers


compare utah manager quotes
Select companies and compare quotes


speaking to managers
Discuss your needs with these property managers


Property Management Utah

Professional results for your Rental needs.
Rent Collecting

Sick of chasing tenants for rent each month? They collect the rent for you. Online portals makes it easy for tenants to make payments online.

rental property maintenance
property marketing in Utah
Property Marketing 

Aggressive rental advertising on popular rental listing sites ensures your home gets exposure. They even show your home to all interested applicants.

property inspections in Orem, UT
utah county tenant screening
Tenant Screening

Bad tenants will cause endless headaches for property owners. Companies have an in-depth screening process to keep bad tenants at-bay.

Utah tenant evictions

No more long weekends spent resolving problems in your Utah rental home. They take care of maintenance requests & send vendors to get the work done.

State-of-the-art technology allows for documentation of your home condition. They can schedule frequent inspections to keep tabs on your unit.

Kicking a bad tenant out in Utah is an unpleasant process. With a team at your side, you'll never go it alone. They handle evictions and work to find a new renter.

 rent collection in orem

How To Compare

Utah Property Management


When it comes to hiring a property manager, it can be difficult to know where to start! A lot of people spend so much time combing through search engines and social media platforms trying to find out what companies in the area provide property management services. After they have a list, they must contact each company individually to ask about pricing, services, etc. This can be time consuming waiting to hear back from different managers and trying to sort out who is serious about earning your business.

By requesting quotes from top Utah management companies on our site, you quickly be able to gather information from multiple companies for easy comparison, much more efficiently! You will be able to speak with companies about your specific needs and desires. This will allow you to find the perfect fit for your goals, communication needs, and property needs.

Orem UT rental property
Orem UT rental property

After you get free quotes to compare from local property management companies, you might want to use the following topics to narrow your search. After all, having the lowest price is not usually the best choice.


Not all Utah property managers offer the same types of services. You'll need to find out which type of properties they manage and what services they provide. Do they only do leasing? Maybe they only manage apartment buildings? It's ideal to find a manager who specializes in the type of property you want to rent.


Property managers charge different rates. Sometimes pricing can be a gimmick. Property management companies that are strangely affordable will USUALLY have other tactics for emptying your wallet - and may end up costing much more than a company who appears (upfront) to be more expensive. Be wary of sneaky wording and unnecessary fees — you can quickly get caught in an expensive trap.


Different Utah managers may approach certain situations with different strategies and tactics. They may also use different kinds of software and organizational systems. Their communication methods may be different, they may use different software, or maybe their company structure is different. Find a property management company with good SEO presence.


The contract you will sign with a property manager in Utah is very important. Some companies will have month-to-month services where you can cancel anytime, and others will have you commit to a long term contract of 9-12 months.

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How to Narrow Your Property Management Choices

So... you have a list of 3-4 Utah managers who caught your eye? Now it's time to narrow it down to 1 before you hire. What are the last steps you will need to take? Here are two suggestions:
In Person Interview

Sitting down and having a conversation with contenders would be infinitely helpful. Take notes on what you speak about and what the individual’s replies are. Later, you’ll be able to compare notes from different conversations and figure out who excels. Make sure to have a set of questions to ask them beforehand (after requesting a quote from a company you can download our free template with 20 questions). You should ask them specific questions about their skills and services and managing style. It’s also important that they appear to be engaged and interested in earning your business. If the company is not hungry for you, and rather seems disinterested, keep on looking.

Extra References

Furthermore, you can ask the property management company to show you the products/references of their work in the past. It’s also important to note the quality of advertisements they put out. You want to see exactly what they are going to be capable of when it comes to your property. Reaching out to some of the tenants renting properties managed by the company is a good idea too.

EASE was founded by local Orem residential rental property owners just like you. Our small-scale Utah Property Management Company has a unique perspective that puts the needs of rental property owners first. Why work with a "big box franchise" when you can work with a Utah County management company that truly understands your needs, stresses, and goals?


Unlike the big-box franchises, we use a "portfolio" model of property management, which means you don't have to worry about jumping through hoops with 10+ people when you have a question or request about your rental property. With EASE, you have one expert go-to account manager for all questions and requests.

We do our best to address any concerns that you or the tenants in your property have. We understand that taking good care of your rental property and keeping tenants happy is half the battle to having an efficient Utah County Rental property. 

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