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Why invest in Real Estate? Because.....!

Many Benefits of investing in real estate are not common knowledge. Learn how Real Estate investing can be more attractive than other common investments.

Cash Flow

Real Estate offers an incredible cash yield that even stock dividends can't compete with. EXAMPLE- You purchase a property for $150,000. You are able to rent this property for approximately $1,100-$1,300 per month. Over the course of 1 year, you have generated $13,200-$15,600 in rental income, which is ~10% of your total purchase price! That means that this property will have paid for itself in 10 years(If you had purchaed outright). This return on investment is unparalleled compared to others options.

Equity building

As shown in the cash flow example, real estate has the potential to have a yearly return on investment of 10% - 15%. The other great thing about it is that Real Estate has historically grown in value over the long term, even after slumps in the market. This means that what you purchase your real estate for at one time, will likely be worth more later on down the road. Not only are you making money off of it monthly, but it is also likely growing in value over the long term.

A hard asset with Tax advantages

Real estate is "Real Property", a physical asset that you can see, feel and monitor the care of. No one can pick it up and walk away with it. It isn't going anywhere. Shelter and security is one of the basic human needs according to Maslows "Hierarchy of Needs". Real Estate provides for these needs, therefore, it is not an industry that will become irrelevant.

There are also many tax advantages to owning real estate. You will often not owe taxes on rental income generated from Real Estate, depending on your situation and income levels. You will owe Capital Gains taxes on the sale of Real Estate after a long term hold, but even these taxes are more favorable than income taxes. A tax professional can help you understand the details of this, and should be consulted before making decisions based on tax consequences.

We are passionate about Real Estate and rental income properties. If you are in need of any help with managing your rentals, or need help purchasing a property, we would love to help. We will talk to you for free, with no pressure or obligation.

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