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3 simple ways to boost your homes value

Welcome to the first post of our Ease Property Management blog! We will be posting weekly with home improvement guides, tips for renters, tips for landlords, real estate industry news, and more.

Updating not renovating

When you think of home improvement and adding value to your home, often what comes to mind is an extensive remodel project as seen on "HGTV" where they basicaly rip the home apart and build it back. That type of project will increase the value of your property, but with a very large time and financial investment.

There are simpler ways to update your home with less time and financial investment. We will cover 3 of these here today.


Fresh paint is a relatively easy way to give your home, or certain rooms, a different feel. Going with a clean relatively neutral color that goes well with your flooring and appliances is always a great choice. Choosing a color that is too bold is often not the best choice because someone else may not be fond of the strong color choice.

Knobs and Handles

As seen in the picture, such a small improvement as reblacing handles can give a totally different feel to property's kitchen. The long stainless handle on the right gives a modern look as opposed to the out-dated rustic look with the handle on the left.


Lighting is a critical element to showcase your home, making it feel bright and open. LED lights as seen in this picture are much brighter than traditional lights and use much less energy, saving you money in the long run.

Have any questions about updating your home? Want to get more info? Contact us at, we would be happy to help you!

Landon Murie

Founder/Property Manager

Ease Property Management

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