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The evictions process in Utah; Steps for Landlords (with forms and links).

Evictions are the last thing you want to have to worry about as

a Landlord. Unfortunately, it can happen from time to time.

1. Serving an eviction notice (Terminating the lease)

If the current renter has violated the lease for either non-payment or some other term such as home upkeep or occupational violations, you will need to serve an eviction notice or notices for any violation(s). If the eviction is due to a lease violation or failure to pay rent, the eviction notices carry a 3 day period for the tenant to remove themselves from the premisis or face an eviction lawsuit. The following link provides free forms for the eviction notices in Utah Eviction Notice Form. If the tenant does not comply, pay, or vacate within the 3 day period, you will move to the next step.

2. Filing the eviction with the district court.

Print and fill out the forms needed, they can be found here . File them with your district court after the 3 day period is up. This is a good spot to bring in an experienced Attorney. The process may get complex and it is good to have someone at your side to help with this. You can find a list of local Attorneys in or near you Utah city at the following site: Local Eviction Attorneys.

3. Changing the locks (Tenant has been legally evicted)

With the court order, if the tenant has still not vacated the property or complied, a local sherriff will help enforce the evictions and change the locks on the doors. As mentioned above, having an Attorney to guide you with parts of this process that you do not fully understand or feel comfortable with is a wise decision that will help make the process smoother and possibly quicker. We can help you with any questions you might have about this process.

Many times, doing your homework to select and properly qualify a renter through credit checks, background checks, evictions history, income verification, and rental history will prevent you from having to deal with an eviction down the road. We can help with any of these rental management services to eliminate your stress and worries.

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