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7 Habits of Highly Efficient Property Managers in 2022

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Being a property manager is not an easy job. It comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. Homeowners trust you with their properties and money and expect you to deal with any issues proactively and efficiently. If you’re new in the field of property management and wish to get better at your job, you need to adopt habits of highly efficient property managers.

We’ve listed down 7 habits that are common among efficient property managers. Adopting some or all of them will surely help you a great deal!

1. They Wake Up Early

A practice that is commonly seen in most successful people is that they wake up early. If you aren’t an early rise, property management isn’t the best career option for you. Waking up early gives you more time to anticipate problems and come up with practical solutions. Giving yourself adequate resting time also strengthens your immune system, and you’re more likely to stay active and attentive throughout the day.

2. They Stay Updated About the Real Estate Market

Efficient property managers stay updated about everything that’s going on in the market. They stay tuned to the latest news, listen to relevant podcasts, and even subscribe to real estate blogs. Having the right knowledge of all the real estate related matters is one of the most important things that you, as a property manager, need to be equipped with. When you’re aware of what’s trending in the market, you’ll be better able to make better decisions and help your clients in the best possible way.

3. They Set Goals and Follow Through on Them

One of the most noteworthy habits of efficient property managers is that they set their goals straight and follow through them. You can choose to set weekly, monthly, or annual goals. Setting goals will help you get a clearer picture of where you are and what you wish to achieve. The goals should be challenging yet achievable. Adopting this practice will help you work more efficiently towards achieving them. When you set challenging goals for yourself, it makes you stretch yourself beyond the comfort zone and grow as a professional. So, if you don’t have a list of goals that you wish to achieve, you better start preparing one now!

4. They Are Excellent Communicators

Property management is all about good communication. A property manager serves as the binding force between the landlord and the tenant. Highly efficient property managers are excellent in this area. They know the art of making the landlord and tenant feel important. They believe in good customer service and are aimed at providing value to their clients. If a property manager is bad at communicating, it won’t be long before all their customers leave them.

5. They Manage Their Records Efficiently

Property management involves extensive documentation. Good property managers have a set system in place that helps them manage their documents and records. It saves their time that they would otherwise spend in retrieving an important document that they need right away. A good file management system enables them to handle legal disputes, audits, and discrimination claims efficiently. From the record of rental payments to eviction paperwork to inspection records, an efficient property manager has all the documents arranged such that their retrieval is quick!

6. They Manage Their Operations Smartly

Efficient property managers aren’t old-school. They make use of the latest technology to streamline and manage their operations. They keep track of everything that’s going on, and everything that needs to be done is a very orderly manner. As a result, they don’t miss out on important tasks that they had to complete, and they’re always ahead of the deadlines.

7. They Are Self-Driven

Efficient property managers are self-driven. They accept challenges confidently. They’re extremely focused on achieving their goals and are persistent in their job!

To become a successful and efficient property manager, it is important that you do everything it takes to stay on top. From staying up to date with the latest trends to streamlining all the tasks, you need to be capable enough of multi-tasking and meeting close deadlines. This is what will make you a highly efficient property manager!

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