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7 Tips for Maintaining a Good Relationship with Your Tenants in 2022

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

utah property owner and tenant

Having a good relationship with your tenants ensures that all the dealings that occur throughout the lease period are undertaken on good terms and as swiftly as possible. While some troublesome tenants make it extremely difficult for homeowners to keep their calm, it is suggested that homeowners should try their level best to maintain a healthy relationship with their tenants for the sake of their mental peace.

We’ve listed down some tips that will help you maintain a good relationship with your tenants in. Let’s have a look.

1. Adequate Screening

One way to ensure that you don’t get in any dispute with your tenants is to ensure that you’re handing your property over to the right people. Running background checks beforehand helps a great deal. Making sure that the potential tenants do not have any criminal history, have permanent employment, and a clear credit history ensures that you don’t end up getting stuck with the wrong kind of people.

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2. Visit Them Shortly After They Move-In

Visiting your tenants shortly after they’ve moved in to check on them is a good gesture. Asking them if they feel comfortable or if there is anything they would like you to do for them is a great way to lay the foundation of a positive tenant-landlord relationship. However, visiting them too often isn’t a good idea. You should respect the fact that although you’re the owner, it is not your home for the time being, and the tenants have all rights over privacy and space.

3. Offer to Change Rent Date

The tenant may receive his pay after the rent date has passed. You can offer to change the rent date to the one on which the tenant receives their salary or a day after. It not only gives a good impression of you as a responsible and caring landlord but also builds a strong tenant-landlord relationship from the very beginning. Moreover, the rent will always be on time! It is a win-win situation for both you and your tenant!

4. Keep Your Rentals in Utah Well-Maintained

If you want to maintain good terms with your tenants, keep your property in the best shape. When you take responsibility as a homeowner, the tenants not only respect you more but also look after your property in a much better way.

5. Keep Good Records

It is important to maintain records of all the repair or maintenance work that goes about at your property. You should keep a record of all the queries and complaints that your tenant filed and your response to all of them. Having everything on paper reduces the chances of dispute in case any unpleasant situation arises in the future.

6. Be Nice and Professional

You should be nice and professional with your tenants at all times. Just because you’re the landlord doesn’t mean you’ve got to wear the arrogant persona all the time. You should try to make your tenants feel welcome, and at home, throughout the time they’re living at your property.

7. Be Responsive

You’ll have your tenant calling you for several reasons. You should try to address and respond to their queries and complaints timely. Assuring them that you’ll have everything sorted soon and actually working proactively to resolve the issue will build a strong tenant-landlord relationship. Delaying responding to your tenant’s queries and complaints put you in a bad light, which is something you should avoid at all costs.

You see, maintaining a good relationship with your tenants isn’t very difficult. All you need to do is make sure that you’re transparent with the policies from the beginning, keep your attitude is professional but nice throughout, respond to their queries timely, and ensure that they’re comfortable in your house.

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