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Can a Property Manager Be an Interior Designer?

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Interior design is an integral part of property management. Especially high-end property management. Just as properties are staged to attract buyers, the same can be done to attract renters. However, is it possible for a property dealer to also be an interior designer? Yes, They can.

Importance of Interior Design

Interior design is often linked to the real-estate sales industry and overlooked in property management. However, here is where it is the most profitable and useful. Here are a few reasons interior design is important.

1) Attract Renters

You are less likely to invest in space when you can't imagine using a space. Perhaps the apartment is too large or the house too small. An interior designer knows the trade tricks to make any place look like Goldilocks' perfect size.

You've already won when people imagine how they will live in a space. It is a matter of time until they start dreaming about living there and apply to rent it.

2) Please High-End Clients

High-end property management is an entirely different ball game from regular residential property management. The clients can be owners who live or rent out their luxury spaces. They themselves, or their A-list clientele, can choose to drop by any minute during any season.

They expect to see their money's worth. That means a fresh modern look that suits the times and the season. They may also give the property management firm complete control over this and a hefty budget to manage interior design.

3) Increase Value

A furnished apartment is pricier than an empty one. An interior designer can bring the value of a drab, empty space up to double its original number. Let them switch it up with painting a wall or hanging eclectic wall art and watch how the tenants are mesmerized.

You can hear the sound of money going into your pocket when you see how amazing a space looks when they are done with it. A seasoned interior designer knows how to do more with less. Even the smallest budget can end up increasing the rent price of a space.

Can Your Property Manager Do It?

Can every property manager get up and become an interior designer? Of course, not. Only the ones with the aptitude and style sense can become one. According to Lakeside Park the property managers have experience with the renter's market, so they know what people like and what they don't. Any property dealer with the right aesthetic sense can easily add an interior designer to their resume.

It is also a bonus that they normally have experience working alongside interior designers and seeing how they work.

Here are the qualities needed to become a successful interior designer:


Creativity is an essential part of interior design. You need to imagine something out of the box to make each area stand out to the potential renter. Property managers with creative hobbies like painting could easily fit this role.


To effectively design spaces to make them pop, you need to visualize what you wish them to look like. Once you have a clear vision in your head, you can execute it.

Management Skills

Property dealers must meet tight deadlines and delegate tasks to people. That means they must have effective management and communication skills. Something that already exists in property managers.

Benefits of Property Manager Being an Interior Designer

Here are the benefits of a property manager also being an interior designer.

1) Two Services For the Price of One

When you have a multi-talented individual to perform many tasks at once, you are bound to save money in many ways.

2) Improve Spaces on a Low Budget Over Time

The property manager can focus on different units or properties and improve them a little overtime on a low budget.

3) Discuss Interior Design with Tenants

While sealing the deal with a tenant, the property manager can discuss any interior design changes the tenants may want. They can speak confidently instead of having to confirm with an interior designer.

4) More Value Out of Renovations

While getting a space renovated, the interior designer/ property manager can ensure that small design features be added to improve details. They can also find small or significant ways to improve spaces along with the renovation.


You may have heard the famous saying, a "jack of all trades is a master of none." However, many people forget the rest of it: "But better than a master of one." If you find a property manager that offers other value-added services like interior design, hire them immediately.

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