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How to Catch People's Attention on Instagram and Engage Your Potential Renters

Nowadays, we live in a world driven by visual cues, whether in media or in life around us. Hence, it is very easy to understand why a social platform such as Instagram is so popular and has managed to make so many leaps over the last couple of years.

Where its competitors, like Twitter, may offer a great method of communicating with your current tenants, it could be very challenging to use those 280 characters to attract new and quality tenants for your vacant rental units.

Most of us, and especially our young millennial generation, find this imagery very enticing and think it is a great way to search for their new home. Well, let's dig a little deeper, so this hypothesis makes more sense.

How Can Instagram Be Effective in Producing Property Management Leads

Whenever you're capturing photos, you should always consider what kind of camera you're going to be using. You wouldn't necessarily have to go all out to buy a DSLR camera. Oftentimes, even a nice camera phone will exceed your expectations by quite a bit. To put it into other words, you will be required to keep your target audience in mind whenever you are considering whether a good quality smartphone will do.

If you are advertising a very high-end property, then it will probably be worth your time to invest in a high-quality camera. Believe it or not, these cameras are a great way to attract those who are looking for a little luxury in their lives.

Also, we don't just recommend taking photos of what your property has to offer. Instead, you should expand out of the cliche advertisements and also start posting pictures featuring neighborhood attractions. This will be an easier job for you if you already reside in a very trendy neighborhood.

Research Suggests Visual Content Is More Powerful

Social Media Examiner published a report which mentioned that marketing professionals considered video and visual content more effective than blogging because they are considered a priority by 70% of the entire marketing population.

You should consider these statistics whenever you are laying down the framework for your Instagram strategy. For one, Hootsuite Enterprise published that the top tier of marketing brands are used to posting at least five times a week on Instagram. They recommend using a consistent filter to maintain branding efforts.

You see, potential renters are going to find an overused filter a little suspicious, and it may seem as if you were trying to cover up or hide something in your apartment listing. The good news here is that Instagram users are prone to take some action once they have seen an apartment listing on the social media platform.

Also, don't forget to use hashtags and videos. Social media Examiner's report mentions that the 3 to 60-second video on Instagram is enough to capture the interest of the declining attention span of millennials.

Final Thoughts

Social media has become an important part of the real estate industry, whether for people listing rental properties or bloggers discussing industry trends.

If you're looking forward to harness the social power of Instagram for your rental properties, you can always have your property manager include it in their marketing strategy. The only thing you will be responsible for is to offer your potential tenants more affordability, more personalization, and authenticity as opposed to worrying about your safety.

If you haven't hired a property manager already, click here to learn more about Brady RG services and how an experienced property manager can share some of your burdens.

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