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Taking Professional Rental Property Photos on Your iPhone

To own a rental property means that time is valuable and each day that passes without a tenant costs you money. It is important that your property gets re-rented with as little vacancy in-between. One way to achieve the kind of success you need, is to post “rentable” pictures.

Rental property photo

What does this mean? Good property photos are imperative to getting any property rented quickly, and to good tenants. So how do you take good property photos with your cell phone? Read on…. .As we said, managing a rental property is not a simple process. Most tenants spend a few hours looking through tons of properties, so what can you do to make yours stand out more than others? Good pictures…. And lots of them. When looking at a home, many tenants want to see a few things. First, what does the kitchen look like? 80% of prospects that do the home search for the family are women(I made that statistic based on my personal experience), and most women want to know what the kitchen, bathrooms and master bedroom look like. So the very first property photos should be in order of importance, then the rest should be taken in order as if you were walking through the house. Order of importance goes as follows:

  1. Exterior front photo

  2. Kitchen Photo

  3. Living Room

  4. Master Bathroom Photo

  5. Master Bedroom Photo

  6. Backyard

  7. Front entryway

  8. Living Room

  9. Kitchen

  10. Dining Room

  11. Master bedroo

  12. Master Bathroo

  13. Master closet

  14. Laundry Area

  15. Guest Room

  16. Guest Bat

  17. Guest Room 2

  18. Additional/Bonus Rooms

  19. Garage

  20. Backyard

Keep in mind, all of the bedrooms you want to have 2 different angles of the room. From the doorway, and facing the doorway. If it is an exceptionally large room, then include a few more. I always take pictures from every single corner of the room, so when I go back to edit and choose which photos are best, I have plenty. Another thing to mention, if you take the photos in the order shown above, it will be a lot less work to move around the photos. Not everybody can afford expensive cameras with wide angle lenses so using your cell phone’s camera will work well enough to use. However, you must take the photos during the best light of the day. Depending on where the house sits adjacent to the sun, that may either be in the morning, or evening, or midday. Investigate when you visit the property, what time of day you go out there, and where the sun is located. Once you have taken your photos, you may want to do a little basic editing. There is software right on the iPhone that will let you add filters, change contrast, etc.


This guest post was provided by our friends at Valiant Realty and Property Management. They help landlords manage rental properties in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

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