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How to find renters fast and fill vacancies in your Rental Property.

If your rental property is sitting vacant, you are losing money each day! Learn how to maximize your rent income by having minimal vacancies between renters.


1. Start advertising in advance.

The first thing you will want to do is make sure that you are paying attention to when your current renter's lease is coming to an end. In the lease, it should specify that the renter will need to give you advance notice if they are not planning to renew. This time of advance notice is typically 30 days. You will want to start advertising and marketing your rental property immediately to ensure you find a new tenant before the current tenant moves out.

2. Take high quality photos.

To attract prospective renters, it is important to showcase your rental property very professionally. You can do this by taking high quality photos of your home looking clean and tidy. Using a nice camera will take better photos than a phone. Better photos can make the space look cleaner, brighter, and even larger. This will help you to attract more interested renters and get more rental applications.

3. Well written advertisements.

Now That you have quality photos of your rental property, it is equally important to have a well written advertisement that describes the benefits and details of your property. You will want to specify home size details, any included appliances, as well as any perks or benefits that will make your listing stand out.

4. Advertising and marketing.

The more people that see your available property, the better chance you have at finding interested renters. You might have great photos and a great description, but if no one sees this then it was all for nothing! There are many online listing sites where you can post your rental property advertisements. Some of these include: Rentler, Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Lovely, and Apartment List.

Hopefully now you have a qualified renter for your Property! Now the hard work begins. You need to find a highly qualified renter to decrease your risks of lost rent, damages, and evictions. Performing credit checks, criminal checks, evictions history checks, employment and income verification, and calling previous Landlords will help you find a qualified renter.


Want an easier solution for your rental property?

It can be time consuming to post ads on all of these sites and screen for qualified renters. You can purchase software for a monthly cost of $50-$100 that will post your ad on all of these sites. You can also hire a Utah Property Management Company for the same price monthly and they will take care of all of the above mentioned tasks, plus more. Many people find that it is more than worth the cost to hire a property management company for the peace of mind and stress relief.

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This guest post was provided by our friends at Access More Property Management, a property management company in Columbus, Ohio.

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