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Why You Need a Property Manager for Your Summer Home

Updated: Aug 18

Nothing immensely pleases the spirit as a vacation where you feel at home. Resorts and hotels are great, but the comfort of your own home is unparalleled. However, is managing your summer home from your permanent home becoming a massive contributor to the stress you need a vacation from?

This article will cover how and why hiring a property manager is good for you.

Maintain Your Investment

Houses need regular maintenance to stay functional and valuable. A neglected house loses value. Some things need constant looking after. For example, an expensive rug might need to be vacuumed weekly. You do not want to have to fly out to ensure everything is fine.

A property manager can handle the mundane everyday tasks for your house. That way, your house gets cleaned and repaired on time and remains valuable.

When repairs happen on time, they are generally more minor repairs that the manager can handle on their own without checking in with you too much. You can finally be at ease. Out of sight can become out of mind.

A property manager can keep tabs on the area and local market. According to this Portland property management company If houses around yours are increasing their curb appeal or being renovated, the property manager may suggest you do similar things. That way, you can protect your investment and makes its price size.

Earn From Listing Your Home on Airbnb

You can earn from your summer home by turning it into an Airbnb when you aren't using it. Depending on the size and amenities in your home, you could charge quite a large amount.

Preparing a place to become an Airbnb takes more work than it seems at first glance. It takes a lot of work to be an Airbnb host, like:

1. Creating and Managing Your Account

Account creation isn't difficult, but it can be tedious. You may never have the time to get to it and miss out on the chance to earn from your home.

2. Staging and Photographing Your Space

Staging a space to look good in pictures requires industry experience to know what guests will like. Even if your living space is beautiful, taking nice pictures takes hours, and if you have a large house, days. When you're at your vacation home, you would like to take pictures of your family and friends instead.

3. Listing Amenities and Unique Qualities

The more detailed your profile is, the better it's chance of attracting guests. Imagine yourself walking to each corner of the house, figuring out what to add.

4. Listing Nearby Attractions

Listing nearby attractions, landmarks, fun hangout spots, and restaurants help your guests understand if you're in the area they want. Property managers understand local markets and the big picture. They will know what will attract potential guests.

5. Adding Perks and Complimentary Items

Providing guests complimentary items and service is an excellent way to promote repeat business. Handling every little thing for that is tedious. Buying and restocking guest stuff.

6. Vetting Potential Guests

Vacation home managers help you find reliable tenants for any renting arrangement. They can go through the previously reviewed guests.

7. Reviewing Guests

If you leave a good review for your guests, it will be easier for them to find even more excellent places.

8. Ensuring Guest Satisfaction

Going back and forth between any staff and the guests to ensure everything is alright during the stay is a considerable effort. An effort you shouldn't have to make.

9. Being Reliable for Guests

Anything can happen. What if guests need you urgently and you happen to be thousands of miles away. Having a property manager in your place makes you more dependable for the guests.

Get Your Space Ready Hassle-Free

You have so much to do when you're getting ready for vacation. Packing, arranging house-sitters, and getting leaves from work is hard enough. Imagine ensuring the place you're going to has been cleaned, the beds made, or the kitchen stocked? Make a thousand calls as you haphazardly rush to the airport. Then when you finally reach, spend the first day dusting and making your beds.

That's one way to turn a vacation into a job. You'll wonder why you didn't book a hotel instead. Then you will remember that a hotel is a severely unnecessary expense if you own a summer home.

Now imagine everything being done from just one call. According to this Ahwatukee property management company, all your responsibility will fall off your shoulders and onto a professional's. You'll be free to have fun with the family!


There you have it. These are three convincing reasons you need to hire a property manager to take care of your vacation home.

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